Great minds think alike.


We are Parallel. A brand agency that unites the talents of two San Antonio-based firms, Creative Parc, LLC and BradfordLawton, LLC. 

We chose the name because it represents our belief that success is a direct result of people and ideas being in alignment. Our team, our clients, our vendors, all working in sync alongside each other.

At first glance, our two founders, Bradford Lawton and Ali Palmerson, seem very different. What they do have in common is a deep passion for great creative when solving a problem, be it visual, strategic, or both. Their 32-year age difference and varied experience align to bring extraordinary depth and a comprehensive approach to work that speaks to audiences of all ages.

Along with a carefully assembled team of extremely bright and multi-talented strategic thinkers, artists, writers and tech-savvy people, we have created this unique group now known as Parallel. A Brand Agency whose work is quite simply unparalleled.

the team

Our core philosophy and approach to work is that when it comes to solving anything, 1+1=11. When two or more people work together, the result is far greater than if one had done it alone. The number eleven has become synonymous with the idea of collaboration and is subtly and serendipitously integrated within the name Parallel.

Ali Palmerson


Bradford Lawton


Paul Soupiset


Kiki Lindholm


Rudy Ortiz


Genevieve Humphreys


Amanda Henderson


Erlinda Ayala

Digital Lead

Jorge Elvir


Megan Valdez

Agency Manager

Eva Esquivel

Client Manager

Siri Lindholm


clients present & past

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