Brand Playbook


This brand playbook will serve as a guide to creating a consistent look, tone and feel for any of our future marketing efforts.

Brand Truth

We believe that collections are deeply personal and a plan for protecting them should be too.

We think of it as preventative care for the unusual things you treasure most, from the first find to the finishing piece.

Brand Personality

The personality of the Nerd Trust brand can be described using the following attributes. These words should drive the look, tone, and feel for our marketing.

We are immersively nerdy but we are not dweebs.

Our brand reflects the unapologetic passion and deep knowledge that comes from being completely immersed in a subject.

We are acutely wise, but we are not conceited.

Our voice positions us as the experts. Our experience and intuition allow us to provide sage and intelligent advice from an approachable posture.

We are heroically protective, but we are not aggressive.

Our confident tone champions client success by seeing the value in their collections and activating preparedness for when the unexpected happens.

Brand Philosophy

These are the beliefs that should be ever-present in our communications.

We are nerds: We get it. We value the things that you value, believing everyone should be free to follow their inner obsessions. By nerds and for nerds, Nerd Trust exists to safeguard collections that are often misunderstood, overlooked, or undervalued by traditional planners.

There is great value in the rare and unusual: We believe there isn’t a one-number-fits-all solution. We consider it a privilege and a responsibility to find the worth in – and help guard – rare collections.

We are trustworthy. We have been there and back again: Life is chaotic. It brings setbacks as well as victories. A few years ago, we went on a quest to find rare collections asset planners that would truly understand the value of our collections and be able to protect it both now and in the future, and that kind of service just wasn’t out there. So we built Nerd Trust from the ground up to help other nerds find peace of mind knowing that their collections are protected, so they can go back to doing what they love most.

Logo Suite & Brand Elements

Only use the approved logo variations shown within this guide. There are a variety of options available.

Download all Logos

Nerd Trust Stacked Logo (with Tagline)    download all logos

Nerd Trust Stacked Logo (no tagline)    download all logos

Nerd Trust Horizontal Logo    download all logos

Nerd Trust Symbol    download all logos

Logo Clear Space    download all logos

Keyholder Mascot Alternate Logo    download all logos

Primary Brand Colors

The Nerd Trust logos have been created with a specific color palette, and should never deviate from the approved palette to retain integrity.

Brand colors

  • Nerd Trust Purple
  • Hex: #5764ae
  • CMYK: 74 66 0 0
  • RGB: 87 100 174
  • Nerd Trust Yellow
  • Hex: #ffc616
  • CMYK: 0 22 97 0
  • RGB: 255 198 22
  • Nerd Trust Terracotta
  • Hex: #cc5929
  • CMYK: 15 78 100 3
  • RGB: 204 89 41
  • Nerd Trust Grey
  • Hex: #787878
  • CMYK: 54 46 45 11
  • RGB: 120 120 120
  • Nerd Trust Black
  • Hex: #000000
  • CMYK: 75 68 67 90
  • RGB: 0 0 0

Secondary Brand Colors

  • Hex: #f2686e
  • Hex: #f05029
  • Hex: #90c73e
  • Hex: #33c3df
  • Hex: #49b749
  • Hex: #f9a151
  • Hex: #faa830
  • Hex: #e96326
  • Hex: #f5c316
  • Hex: #fecd83
  • Hex: #e8ea7e
  • Hex: #85c441
  • Hex: #50b2e5
  • Hex: #f47820
  • Hex: #ea4f62
  • Hex: #ef452e
  • Hex: #f27172
  • Hex: #dc78b0
  • Hex: #f15846
  • Hex: #4c419a
  • Hex: #3677bc
  • Hex: #84d3e6
  • Hex: #f04f63
  • Hex: #c95ba2
  • Hex: #de234b
  • Hex: #afafaf
  • Hex: #515151


Lufga Bold



Lufga Medium



Lufga Light

Body Copy



Email Font

Only use this typeface in applications where Lufga type family is not available. Arial is usually only used for mass emails, Office 365, and iWork.

Core Brand Elements — Type, Logo, and Color

Consistent use of Nerd Trust's core brand elements — Type, Logo, and Color — will help us reflect our brand personality (immersively nerdy, acutely wise, heroically protective). Choose background colors within the Primary Color Palette; use the Lufga type family consistently for headlines, sub-heads, and running copy. Shown is the die-cut business card.
Where to use it:

Keyholder Mascot

The Keyholder Mascot combines the visual ideas of a Beholder and a Padlock. The resultant mascot is unique to Nerd Trust. It may be used sparingly across the brand, while always ensuring its formidable presence doesn't compete with the main brand. Shown is the mascot on the front of the GenCon limited edition t-shirt, with a color shift to Nerd Trust Purple (body) and Nerd Trust Black (main eye color).
Where to use it:

Graphic Patterns

The two provided Graphic Patterns — the close-up crop of the D20's low-polygon facets as well as the close-up crop of the Keyholder's optical tentacles — may be used sparingly across the brand, while always ensuring these patterns don't compete with the main brand. Shown is an example of the low-polygon pattern used to ring the One Sheet design.
Where to use it: